Automated polishing, grinding and brushing

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The universal machine EP 550 / DP 550 from SHL AG is specially designed for automated polishing, grinding and brushing and enables very good surface qualities. It has one (EP 550) or two (DP 550) polishing wheels with a maximum diameter of 550 millimetres. The machine meets the special requirements for polishing profiled workpieces with complex geometries made of metal, wood and plastics. The system is controlled from the central control cabinet. A bus system connects the machine with the robot to form a functional unit. The system can be operated via touch screen. The operator can, for example, adjust the speed of the drive spindle, adjust the speed to the respective area of application or regulate the contact pressure of the polishing wheels. The machine automatically compensates for wear on the polishing wheel. An electronic control system ensures that the point of contact remains constant and that the disc moves as required. This is done with an accuracy of +/- 0.5 millimetres.

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