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Agrikon, based in Kiskunmajsa (Hungary), manufactures cabs for construction and agricultural machinery. Its product range includes cabins for wheel loaders, excavators, road rollers, lifts, tractors, harvesters and balers, as well as doors and subassemblies. Customers include multinational manufacturers such as Claas, JLG, Zetor and Liebherr. For a number of years, the Agrikon paint shop was equipped with a mixing and spraying system for two-component polyurethane materials. Unfortunately, the system often failed due to its advanced age, resulting in unnecessary downtime and expensive repairs. In search of a remedy, Agrikon turned to Paint Service, a company that has been distributing Graco products in Hungary since 2006. Particularly for 2K plastic and metal paint spraying solutions and gelcoat applications, Paint Service enjoys a very good reputation in the Hungarian market. It operates a large demonstration laboratory with all Graco products and a Fanuc robot for automation testing.

Requirements analysis

Talking to Agrikon, the task was to find out how to solve the company’s problems. After assessing the plant and thoroughly analyzing its specific requirements, Sandor Varga, Managing Director at Paint Service, recommended Graco’s Pro Mix 2KE multi-component mixing system. This is an entry-level compact proportioner available in pump and volumetric meter versions for all spray technologies. The pump version with transport cart was chosen. Pro Mix 2KE is designed for single-color two-component applications in spray booths and offers predefined tolerance limits to keep the desired mixing ratio within 2 %. Its maintenance is quick and easy, plus the unit has an easy-to-use LCD display with icon control. Agrikon started with one machine and immediately bought a second one based on the positive experience. Two years later, two more Pro Mix 2KE and two Pro Mix M2K were purchased. M2K is an entrylevel mechanical multi-component mixing system that increases the accuracy of material mixing and thus reduces material waste compared to mixing by hand.

The complete article was published in IST 02/2021.

Author(s): Graco Distribution BVBA

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