New US subsidiary for Eisenmann

In September 2016, the machinery manufacturer Eisenmann founded a new US subsidiary, Telos Global, which has its headquarters in Knoxville, Tennessee. The new company will focus on manufacturing machines to make lightweight components from press-hardened steel for the US automotive and supplier market. The new US facility includes a competence centre for stamping dies and a complete production-scale pilot plant. Axel Weiand, who is joining Telos Global from Eisenmann Thermal Solutions and will be responsible for managing the company together with Rick Teague, sees this as a strategic step towards accessing the growing American market for press-hardened steel, particularly in the automotive industry, at an early stage. The new company, which will employ about 40 people, is expected to start production in its pilot plant in the first quarter of 2017. Rick Teague, the co-owner of Telos Global, explains the company’s strategy: "Our goal is to be one of the three leading suppliers of hot stamping plants by 2018."

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