European coil coating market on the rise again

After the European coil coating market had not grown for about ten years, the situation has improved again for about three years. Last year, the production of prepainted steel increased by 3.2% and that of prepainted aluminium by 1.8%. According to the European Coil Coating Association (ECCA), a total of 5.8 million tonnes of steel and aluminium strip (1.41 billion m²) were coated in Europe in 2018. Although the quantity of coil-coated material has increased, the production volume of paint for coil coating in Europe in 2018 is 2.4% lower than in 2017. This discrepancy results from the different collection of data for metal and paint. A total of 213,000 metric tons of coatings were produced, 126,000 metric tons of which were topcoats. While the use of prepainted materials in the household appliance industry and the transportation sector has declined, the use of prepainted materials in the construction sector, which has always been the largest market segment, has increased further and currently holds a 74% share.

Author(s): Ke

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